Payment Policy

Thank you for your interest in our payment methods and policies. In order to guarantee your booking, a deposit to us in advance is required, except for some services which require full payment to be delivered such as wedding, events, parties, rooms reservation.

This policy applies to the sites and apps where The Jehan appears, including the sites and apps for our hotel brands and other advertisements. It does not apply to websites or applications where it does not appear.

  1.  We can accept payment by credit cards ( including Visa, MasterCard, Dinner Club, and American Express), Bank wire transfer, Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union, and Moneygram. We also accept Debit cards, Cash payments too. We also request you to carry an ID proof at the time of check-in and payment.
  2. For booking a hotel on simply fill out the Query Form (Request for Proposal) which you can notice on each page. As soon as your request is received for the same, we will contact you post checking the availability status of rooms, venue on the specified dates. If availability is confirmed, we will immediately send you an email mentioning the total billing amount along with the mode of payment. After confirmation, you will again receive an email of booking information. Kindly take a print out of the mail and carry it along while you arrive at the hotel.
  3. All hotel reservations are subject to availability of rooms and rates applicable at the time of booking. Rates and availability can be guaranteed after total payment has been made. Kids tariff will apply to children aged below 10 years. Those above 10 years of age will be treated as adults.

If you need more information; please feel free to reach our customer service. Please visit Contact us section for phone number and email address of the Venue.