Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Catering Services In Palampur, Mandi and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh

Weddings are lavish affairs and the quality of food served significantly affects the memories your guests will create for years to come. Hence, one needs to invest in the best catering services, for the big day memories to last a lifetime. At The Jehan, Food is our passion and we aim at serving your tastebuds with the best of flavors.

From farm-house weddings to weddings in hotels, from large to intimate gatherings, we cater to ceremonies of every shape and style. Our outdoor catering professionals make sure that our food menus matches perfectly with your taste.



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Having started from its roots at Dharamshala Road, Palampur. The Jehan Outdoor Catering has made its presence felt in the adjoining states, now focused on expanding its reach to other parts of the country.


Wedding Ceremony Catering in Palampur


 Wedding Catering Services in Jaipur



Our master-chefs and wedding professionals help you design the menu of your choice, completely focusing on your preferences and budget. The Jehan offers the widest range of national and international cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Continental, Japanese and many more to match your taste and requirement.



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